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October 02
October Newsletter

Kerrisdale Elementary

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October 1, 2018

Thank you for the warm welcome to the Kerrisdale community.  We have already been back at school for a month.  Students are into the routines of their classrooms and engaged in many diverse learning experiences.  Our grade four students have returned from camp. Our intermediate students have been working with Hub cycling, reviewing the importance of bike safety and the Ocean Ambassador program.   Extra-curricular activities such as soccer and cross country have begun. If you have time, please feel free to come out and cheer on our Kerrisdale teams that play on the back fields after school.

Safe Arrival

We continue to ask families to call 604 713-5159 school# 41 to report if your child will be away for the day, please indicate your child’s full name and what division he/she is in.  If your child is late please remind them to go to the office to sign in, before going to class.

Meet the Staff

Thank you to everyone that came to our Meet the Staff evening.  It was great to see so many parents out.  It is important for that best educational experience for your children that home and school work together.  If you have questions, concerns, please contact your child’s teacher.

Orange Shirt Day

On Monday October 1, Kerrisdale celebrated Orange shirt day to remember the victims and survivors of residential schools.  The event was inspired by the story of Phyllis Webstad, who wore a bright orange shirt on her first day attending a B.C. residential school in 1973, but had the shirt stripped from her, never to be seen again. Thank you to Teagan, Noah, Eve and Aija from Div. 15F who lead the orange day section of the assembly.

Goal setting Conferences

Goal setting conferences begin this week.  This is a great way for teachers and families to sit down together to discuss goals for their child(ren).  Teachers have sent out confirmation letters about times to meet, if you have not received a form, please contact your teacher.  A reminder school will dismiss on Wednesday and Thursday at 2:00pm this week.


This year Kerrisdale staff will continue to use the pilot report card format to help district reporting practices better align with the redesigned curriculum and the Ministry of Education’s interim student Reporting guidelines. This means parents will receive two written reports, one in January and the second in June, and a minimum of three additional communications/points of progress about student learning to parents throughout the year.  Kerrisdale staff have agreed to provide goal setting information on October 4 and 5 and Student Led Conferences in March.  Each teacher will decide how to report out for the third requirement.  Please talk to your teacher to find out how this point of progress will be communicated.

Terry Fox Run

Thank you to Mr. Macdonald and Ms. Katy and Div. 16F for organizing our Terry Fox Run this year.  Thank you to families for their generous donations, we were able to raise over $5,000 for the Terry Fox Foundation.

Earth Rangers

The Earth Rangers are a group of people that protect endangered animals from man-made or natural disasters such as global warming. They work all across Canada trying to save creatures. Their presentation was absolutely amazing! The way the Earth Rangers put the performance together was beyond most performances we’ve seen. The school loved them the first minute, because they started with a funny video with animals and people dancing. As the presentation went on, the school became more and more interested to the point that nobody in the audience could forget. If you saw any part of the presentation you would already care about endangered animals. They explained in words used clearly enough so that you would understand, because they wanted you to know how bad the threats are to animals, and for you to care.

An animal we heard about was the Red Tegu. They actually brought it in and we got to see it up close! It is an endangered species of lizard that lives in South Africa. Reptiles are nick-named “cold-blooded” animals, and the scientific word for it is Ectotherms. Did you know that Ectotherms can’t control their body temperature? We sweat and shiver when we are hot or cold. Ectoherms can’t! That’s why they are called “cold-blooded” animals. Currently, they are working on saving the white sturgeon, which population has gone down from 8000 to 1000! They have been here for more that 170 million years!

They talked about how global warming is bringing danger to some species of animals, such as the wolverine. Global warming is made from greenhouse gases forming a bubble around the earth and heating it up, making ice melt in the north. What are greenhouse gases? They are gases created by the things we, humans do. Like driving cars. Smoke coming out of factories. It’s called greenhouse gases because it traps the heat inside, like a greenhouse would. A problem to the wolverine is that it stores food in the snow, so it stays cold and doesn’t go bad, and they put their eggs in a hole in the snow they bury. The food goes bad because of the ice melting creating water, and with the babies, the cold water is making the eggs wet and cold so they can’t grow and hatch. They quizzed us at the end too. Kerrisdale students were great, showing off their new knowledge.

We have to work together to stop threats to the earth and animals. Right now, we are the main problem and we are the only ones who can change it too. You can become an Earth Ranger and help save the environment at

Thanks for Reading!!

Brandon, Caleb and Terry

Division 6, Grade 5

Ocean Ambassadors

Students from a number of intermediate classes were able to participate in the Ocean Ambassadors program this year.  Students were able to learn how to stand-up paddle, participate in a beach clean-up, discuss the ways ocean plastics impact marine life, and discover ways they can make a difference.

Grade four Camp

Grade four students from Ms. Glover’s, Ms. McRae’s, Ms. Kontos’ Ms. Mercier’s and Mr. Couture’s classes went to Whistler last week on a two-night camping trip.  The group was divided into two groups and went different days.  Mr. Bemister accompanied students to Whistler.  Two students, Connie and Nancy from Div. 8 commented on the trip “We really liked the cooking, we made pasta for dinner.  The Canoeing was great, but the water was freezing when you had to walk through it to get into the canoe.  The rocks were sharp when you were walking to the canoe.  The campfires were great outside, students got to sing and have smores.  The classes made bracelets and made rope out of bark”.  The girls were divided on if the trip was too long or too short, but they are looking forward to another trip in the future.

Hub Cycling

From Sept 13th-Oct 4th grade 6 and 7 students participated in a 4-session Active Travel program at Kerrisdale. HUB Cycling, a regional cycling non-profit organization, was pleased to offer this program and hoped that it was not only an active and enjoyable learning opportunity, but also provided your child with the skills to use active transportation to get to school and around the neighbourhood safely in the future. The program instructors are Bike Right certified and are highly trained to teach safe on-road cycling.  The sessions included the following activities: proper helmet use; an in-class session to teach key traffic laws and how to stay safe; school-ground skills training; and finally, an on-road neighbourhood ride in which the students practiced their cycling skills. For more information about HUB and active transport go to


The Great British Columbia Shake Out

The Great British Columbia Shake Out, is on October 18, at 10:20am.  Kerrisdale will be participating in the drill, an opportunity for our school to practice our Earthquake preparedness skills.  Please talk to your children about the importance of “drop, cover and hold on.” If you feel an earthquake take the following steps, Drop to the ground, take cover by getting under a sturdy desk or table, hold on until the shaking stops, stay there for sixty seconds, giving unstable objects time to settle.  It is important to create an emergency plan for your family so everyone knows what to do in the event of an earthquake.  Build an emergency kit that includes a minimum three-day supply of food and water.



Our soccer season has begun.  A big thank you to all of the coaches, Ms. Tam, Mr. Guillaume, Ms. Mehra, and Mr. Bemister,  who have volunteered their time to ensure that we have four Kerrisdale teams. This year we have two senior boys’ teams, a junior boys’ team and a senior girls’ team comprised of junior and senior girls.  If you have time, please visit our back soccer fields to cheer on one of our teams afterschool.

Cross Country

Our Cross-country season has begun.  Cross Country is open to students in grades 2-7.  Thank you to all of the c​oaches, Ms. Dixon, Mme Katy, Mme Cohen, Ms. Grudman, Mme Isabel, and Mme Arielle, that have made this season possible.  Our final meet in on October 18th at Trout Lake. Good luck to all of our runners.

Library Learning Commons Update  

We are so fortunate to be the first school in Vancouver to have ebooks! Thank you for your support of our Scholastic Book Fair that allowed us to purchase our Overdrive books.   There is a screencast that is attached to our newsletter that shows you how to access our collection from home and each class received a very short introduction on how to logon.   Your child will require their seven digit id number, the password is "student".  Up to three books can be borrowed at a time and they will automatically be returned after 14 days.  However, we would appreciate it you return the title through your account, if you are finished with the book before that time, so that other students can borrow it.


The role of the teacher-librarian is to collaboratively plan, teach and assess with all teachers, integrating not only curriculum and but also reading-based inquiry and research-based inquiry.  The core  

competencies ensure that we incorporate " the set of abilities that students use to impart and exchange information, experiences and ideas, to explore the world around them, and to understand and effectively engage in the use of digital media". (


It is exciting to start the year with many units being planned with our talented teachers: Literature circles with ebooks which will examine types of governments and Indigenous land claims, Grade 3/4 are learning the aspects of literature circles and  each group will be involved in learning a different production tool and later teaching it to their peers. Grade two will investigate what it means to be a global citizen, Grade six are using biographies and looking at what it means to be a hero.      All of these units integrate the use of various digital media and once again we are grateful for the PAC's support to have additional technology at our school.


Rainy Days

Just a reminder that we are officially in the fall season.  As such we are asking students to come to school prepared for the weather.  Students will be outside unless pouring.  Please ensure that your child has a waterproof jacket and boots if possible for rainy Vancouver days.  For some students we recommend sending an extra set of clothes to keep at school. 

Lost and Found

The mountain of lost materials in our Lost and Found is growing.  Please label your child’s clothes to help us get them back to the proper owner.  Parents, if your child is missing anything, please check the Lost and found during Goal setting conferences.

Upcoming Dates:

October 3rd and 4th Goal Setting Conferences Dismissal 2:00pm

October 8th - Thanksgiving-school not in session

October 10th - Grade five camp leaves for Evans Lake

October 15th - PAC Family Photo night

October 16th – PAC Family Photo night

October 17th - Student Vote in the library

October 18th - Final Cross-Country meet at Trout Lake

October 19th - Provincial Professional Day-school not in session

October 25th - Individual and class photos

October 31st - Happy Halloween

PAC news

* PAC Executive meeting - Wed, Oct 3 9:15-10:30AM. Please keep an eye out for our next General Meeting - parents and guardians welcome to attend.

* PAC newsletter coming soon.

* Lights Up musical theatre after school classes start this Wed.  Oct 3 after school.  There is still space available so please sign up.

* Family Photo Night is returning to Kerrisdale Elementary Oct 15 & 16.  Book your spot online before Oct 5. 

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