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September 11
School Information

September 7, 2018


Dear Parents,


Kerrisdale Elementary

5555 Carnarvon Street

Vancouver, BC. V6N 1J2 604 713 544

Director of Instruction                     Principal                            Vice Principal

Pedro de Silva                               Dawn Sadler                       Jesse Bemister


September 7, 2018

Welcome back to school again to all our families.  It has already been a great start to the year.  It has been wonderful hearing students reliving their summer adventures with one another.  It has also been lovely to see how quickly students have been able to settle into the routine of school and work co-operatively with one another. 

Thank you to all of our families that have gone over the Code of Conduct with their child or children.  We will continue to review the Code of Conduct throughout the year. 

Today we have moved into our new classrooms.  The staff have spent many hours working on class placements, considering student and parent input, and other important factors. To provide each of your children with a strong learning environment.  It can sometimes take a few days for students to settle into their new class, please help us to celebrate change in a positive way. 

Please welcome our new staff:

Ms. Peddle our new French Macc teacher, Mr. Scrimshaw our new area counsellor, and Ms. Campbell our new SSA working afternoons at Kerrisdale main.  We would also like to acknowledge Ms. McNicol for her new position as our French resource teacher. 

Teaching staff this year

TEACHER                                         DIV.                 GRADE                     ROOM 

English Program

Rachel Grudman                                  1                       7                            202

Jane Spencer                                       2                      7                            103

Alison Dixon                                        3                      6/7                         102

Brett Macdonald                                  4                       6                            205

Fiona Tam                                           5                      5                            201

Sabrina Kuah                                      6                      5                             101

Julie Glover                                         7                      4                             211

Camille McRae                                     8                      3/4                          005

Berni Batchelor                                    9                      3                             003


French Immersion

Beth Peddle                                        15F                  MACC class                206

Katy Germain                                      16F                   6/7                          104

Genevieve Larose                                17F                   6/7                          208

Paul Feeley                                         18F                   5/6                           109

Toula Kontos                                       19F                  4/5                            203

Edith Mercier                                       20F                  4                               209

Samuel Couture                                  21F                  3/4                             210

Jean-Michel Oblette                             22F                  3                                108

Julia Pressman                                    23F                  2                                212

Dalila Beggache                                  24F                  2                                207

Sharon Cohen                                     25F                  1                                111

Guillaume Robert                                26F                  1                                001

Arielle Rykiss                                      27F                  K                                002

Isabel Ruggeri-Soliman                        28F                  K                                004



Kateryna McNicol                                        French LAC / Resource                      117

Graeme Coutts                                           English Resource                              118

Aimee Mehra (T-Th)                                    Prep/English Resource                      204

Tina Pappajohn (T & Th 9-11am)                 English Resource                               204

Mark Kershaw                                            Music/ Prep/ Challenge                      OB

Michele Farquharson                                   Teacher Librarian                              Main Floor

Steve Scrimshaw                                       Counsellor



Monday each student will be coming home with a package of forms for families to complete and return to classroom teachers as soon as possible.  Forms include information about school fees, media consent, verification forms, to name a few.  Thank you in advance for your quick attention to this large task.


School fees

Kerrisdale will be collecting school fees again this year.  $25.00 covers all supplies the student uses every day, pencils, erasers, notebooks etc.  Please refer to the school fee forms included in the package of forms to determine how much to pay for your child.  Some classes may be using agendas or workbooks.  If at any time you are experiencing financial difficulties, please contact Ms. Sadler. Accident Insurance Program

Thank you for your support of the Kids Plus™ Accident Insurance program. It has been a long and rewarding partnership and is truly appreciated. Over the years, Kids Plus™ has helped many families, providing much needed reimbursements for out-of-pocket costs. We appreciate your support and we are truly grateful for the part you have played.

We have big news: the Kids Plus™ Accident Insurance school distribution program is moving online!

All partner school boards can now access for information about Kids Plus™ which they can use on their respective websites, e-newsletters and social media. The main website at will continue to be available for parents to purchase coverage, access claims forms and full plan information online. Additionally, for 2018 we’ve decided to take our mission to be green one step further by discontinuing distribution of all Kids Plus™ Notices (Brochures) to reduce our overall paper use. These changes are part of our ongoing commitment to continuously provide superior and meaningful service to our partners and clients while reducing our impact on the environment.”

              If you have any questions or would like to learn more about our new promotional landing        page, our Kids Plus™ Client Service Specialists would be happy to assist you. You may contact us toll-free at 1-800-556-7411 or email


September is Safety month at Kerrisdale

This month we will be focusing on safety.  Safety affects our students every day from knowing the procedures to getting a late slip from the office, to walking in the halls and playing safely on the playground.  We will be focusing on emergency procedures-fire drills, and other emergency situations throughout the month. Fire and earthquake drills are held to teach the students how to vacate the school quickly and in an orderly fashion.  Proper behaviour is expected from all of our students during these drills.  The evacuation plans and emergency procedures are developed in partnership with our Vancouver emergency services.

During a fire drill students are asked to quickly stop what they are working on, listen to the instructions and line up quietly at the exit door.  Classes proceed to the lower soccer field where we confirm attendance.

During an earthquake drill students are taught to drop, cover and hold on.  After counting to 60 and checking for after-shocks students will collect their things and assemble on the back field.  Our first Earthquake drill will not be until October, when we participate in shake out a provincial wide preparedness drill.

We will also practice a lock down drill where students will be asked to secure themselves in their classrooms. 

In the case of any emergency at school parents or guardians will be asked to line up at the reunification desk, with identification to collect their child/children. 

Daily Schedule


10:40-11:00 recess


12:10-1:00 lunch


During our recess and lunch break, four supervision aides are assigned to supervise students.  For the most part students will be outside for recess and lunch, unless the weather is too severe.  Please make sure your child is dressed appropriately for the weather or has an extra jacket left in the classroom.




It is our firm expectation that students wear a helmet if they choose to roller blade, skateboard, scooter, or bicycle to and from school.  For safety reasons, skateboarding, scootering and biking are not permitted on the school grounds during the day from 8:40am-3:20pm due to the amount of children on the grounds at these times. 


Reporting student absences/Safe arrival

Please call all absences into safe arrival at 604-713-5159 school number 41.  Please indicate your child’s full name, division, date and time of absence.


Late arrivals

Please have your child go to the office to sign in once they have arrived at school this will avoid us calling you to find out where your child is, when they have been marked absent.


Early Pickups

If you will be picking your child up early, we ask that the parent comes to the office to sign the student out for the day.


Lunch routines

For their own safety, students may not leave the school grounds during the school day without written permission from their parents.  Students who go home routinely for lunch will need to give the office a letter at the beginning of the year, letting us know that your child will be going home every day.  Students will be required to sign out and back in at the office.  For younger students, we ask parents to sign their children out at the office. 


Peanut/nut aware school

We have a number of students who have severe allergies to peanuts or nuts. Please do not include nuts or peanut products in students’ lunches.


Labelling Personal Possessions

All possessions should be labeled with the student’s name, allowing us to return things if they are misplaced.  Our lost and found is located in the basement near the YMCA program.  We ask that parents do not send their children to school with expensive items as it is hard to monitor and/or find them if they go missing



All visitors are expected to report to the office upon entering the school.  This is a safety measure as it is important for us to know who is in the school should an emergency arise.  Visitors are expected to sign the visitor log.



All volunteers in the school will need to complete a Volunteer form.  Please come to the office for a form.


When children are ill

In fairness to all, please do not send your child to school if there are definite signs of sickness in the morning.  Students who become ill during the day, will go to the office and parents will be called to pick up their child or make alternate arrangements.  For this reason, it is important that parents keep the office up to date with current phone numbers.


Request for Administration of Medication

A request for Administration of Medication form must be completed if your child will be taking any form of prescribed medication at school.  Please note that students should not be in the possession of any medication at school, for the safety of other students.  Staff may not administer medication to students unless the required form has been completed by the doctor and the parent.


Cell phones

We recognize that cell phones are an important communication tool for parents and students.  Students may bring their phones to school but to avoid distraction during school hours, we ask that students keep their phones in their backpacks or give them to the teacher for safe keeping.


Office Telephone

Students are permitted to use the office telephone when they have permission.  Use of the phone is for issues that arise and not for making play dates for afterschool.


Parking and drop off

It is expected that drivers abide by the clearly posted traffic and parking regulations.  Please let’s work together to keep our students safe.


BC school fruit and Vegetable nutritional program

We are happy to be continuing with this great program again this year.  Students will be presented with different vegetables and fruits to try throughout the year.  If you would not like your child to participate in this program please let the office know.  This month students will be trying blueberries.


Upcoming dates:

Meet the teacher 6:30-7:30pm September 13

Terry Fox Run-September 20- 1:10pm

Professional day-September 21-school not in session



Dawn Sadler



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