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February 07
School Goal 2017/2108 is Resilience

Dear Parents,

As you are aware the School Goal for 2017-18 is Resilience. Teachers are working in their classes to talk about what it means to be resilient. Our counselor, Ms Yee is also working in classes as well. We have created a document teachers can access that provides vocabulary both in French and English, see below.

In order to support this school-wide goal Mr. Bemister and I are in the process of going to each class to do a presentation on Resilience and what it means. We are using the following short video as a starting point for discussion. We are quite impressed with the students’ ability to recognize the kinds of qualities that help to promote resilience, such as courage, confidence, flexibility, optimism, persistance, determination, perseverance, etc.

We hope that you will take a minute to check out this video and have a discussion at home about what it takes to have “GRIT”.

Common language for teachers to use when teaching/talking about Resiliency.

​Resilience cycle

Resilience cycle.png

Resilience cycle French.png

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