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February 21
Reel Canada FilmFest 2018

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We have been incredibly fortunate this year in the selection of movies Reel Canada is going to show on March 14th at John Oliver. 

If you would like to learn about this movies ahead of time, I have attached to links to the trailers. 

The movies are Maudie, Breakaway, Iron Road, Remember, and Weirdos. Breakaway was the most popular movie according to the voting that I did with roughly 150 students. The votes this movie received eclipsed every other movie. However, I am most excited about Remember and Weirdos coming to John Oliver.

Remember takes place in the present, and stars Christopher Plummer, who has dementia, and goes on a quest to kill an elderly war criminal, who allegedly murdered his family while they were in the Nazi camps. It is not particularly violent, and there is some swearing in one scene, but the movie is 14 A. For this reason, only Grade 10 - 12 students can select this movie.

Originally, I wanted to have Remember shown in the Learning Commons, but the folks at Reel Canada told me that it will "show" better in a larger venue. 

Weirdos will make its debut showing at John Oliver and has been described as  a black and white coming-of-age film about coming to terms with being gay. Julia Sarah Stone plays the female lead, and is described as a young, rising star, who lives in Vancouver. It is very possible that this actress will be able to come to John Oliver and speak with our students. This movie is PG and I believe will be shown in the Learning Commons.

I have seen both of these movies, and they are excellent. I have not seen Maudie yet, which is about one of Canada's great folk artists. This movie may be of strong interest to some people.

Break Away and Iron Road are older popular movies that have been shown at John Oliver previously.

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