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Hastings Elementary School Blog > Posts > The Winter Warmup
December 18
The Winter Warmup

This year at Hastings the event committee led by Ms.Kelly and other enthusiastic staff members, managed to organize Hastings' first annual Winter Warmup. It was huge success! We started at 5:00pm and within five minutes the entire gym was full of people and within thirty minutes, all the baked goods were sold out. Lots of crafts were also sold; from handmade lanterns to snowglobes all these handmade crafts were a hit. Despite all these cool things my personal favourite were the ugly christmas sweaters that Mme. Charlotte's class made. From live music to sugar crazed children, all I can say is I hope this becomes another one of Hastings' traditions!

Nora Heselgrave (Div. 25)

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