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Eric Hamber Secondary School Blog > Posts > Thursday, February 7, 2019, Day 2
February 06
Thursday, February 7, 2019, Day 2

ATTENTION:  The following clubs will have their photo taken on the designated days.  Please inform your members about the photo and arrive promptly.               M. Poon (12)


Thursday, February 7


Spring and Fall Footlights Cast & Crew

Math Help and Challengers Club

Kazoo Club

Drama Studio

Room 301

Strings Room

Friday, February 8


Chess Club

Room 318

Monday, February 11


Musical Cast



1.      GRAPHIC NOVEL CONTESTFebruary is Graphic Novel Month at Hamber, and we are celebrating with a contest where you could win authentic Riverdale swag! There are 3 ways to enter:

1)      CHECKOUT any graphic novel (including comics and manga)

2)      POST a pic of a graphic novel to Instagram and include #hambergraphics and @hamberllc

3)      ANSWER one of the weekly trivia questions (starts Mon. Feb. 11)

Good luck!                                                                                              S. Lemmon (8)


2.      VALENTINE’S DAY GRAMSGrad Committee will be distributing Valentine Grams on the morning (blocks 1 and 2) of February 14th.  If you don’t want to be disturbed, please email Ms. Panesar.  Also, teachers please excuse the Grad Committee and the Service Club during these blocks to complete this important work!        B. Panesar (11)


3.      HAMBER READS:  We have chosen The Martian by Andy Weir as our next read. We are doing a 'movies you have read' event where we will be watching The Martian later in March. Please see Ms. Lemmon if you want to join us. Happy Reading!                                                                                                                                     S. Lemmon (8)



AMC 10 & 12 – A reminder to any students who registered that this contest will take place in the library on Thurs. Feb. 7 at 8:30 am. 

8th Grade CNML, Pascal, Cayley, and Fermat – Any gr. 8-11 students wanting to write these contests, please register with Ms. Chan by Fri. Feb. 8.                                                                                                           S. Chan (7)

5.      WORLD LITERATURE ENGLISH 12 MEETING FOR INTERESTED STUDENTS (2019-20)Students interested in taking World Literature English 12 next year should come to an information session at the beginning of lunch on Thursday, February 7th in Room 320. Please bring in a pen to fill out an application form.            B. Panesar (7)


6.      LANGUAGE AWARENESS DAYYes, it is that time of year that the Language Department presents Language Awareness Day.  This year it will be held on Friday, February 8.  Come check our classrooms in the Language wing during second period (Blk 1-4) for fun activities, food and entertainment.  We will also have “La Tire d’Erable” – Maple Taffy served on snow.  So please bring some money.  Some of the classrooms will also be open during lunchtime.    Last period of the day, language students will be performing in the Drama studio.  There will be skits, songs, and activities being presented in the target language.  So, come on down and see all that is happening in our French, Spanish, Mandarin and Japanese classes.   Hope you can join us.                                                                                                      A. Manetta (8)​

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