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Eric Hamber Secondary School Blog > Posts > Tuesday, November 6, 2018, Day 1
November 05
Tuesday, November 6, 2018, Day 1

1.       WESTERN UNIVERSITY VISITA representative from Western will be at Hamber on Thursday, November 8th from 9:30-10:30 in the counselling area.                                                                                                        N. Sandhu (8)


It’s that time of year—Yearbook will be collecting grad write-ups. Grad write-ups are placed in the grad section of the yearbook along with your Artona grad photos. Please note that if you do not submit a write up, your Artona photo will appear at the end of the grad section, not alphabetically with the rest of the grade.

When composing your write-up, please keep in mind the following:

·         - School yearbooks provide students with a very special memento of their school year. They create a sense of honour in the school as they document the accomplishments of staff and students.

·         - They are historic documents and are an important part of the school’s and the school district’s archival collection. Yearbooks belong to the entire school community, including past students, staff, and administrators who are proud to have been associated with the school.

·         - School yearbooks are public documents. They are a reflection of the values and ideals of the school that they represent.

Here are some specific requirements:

·         - Grad write-ups should be written in standard English prose in first person, following the standard rules of capitalization, punctuation, and grammar.

·         - Initials, abbreviations, slang, offensive language, and codes are not appropriate for the school’s yearbook.

·         - The writing style of the yearbook is not the style you might use in e-mail or text messages.

·         - Remember to properly source any quotations.

·         - Your grad write ups must be FEWER than 575 characters, not WORDS.

Please note that school administrators will be reading over write-ups and will edit as required.

Think RESPECT: Responsibility, Equality, Safety, Pride, Excellence, Courtesy, and Tolerance.

After completing your write up and reviewing the requirements, email your write up to with your full name. We will be accepting write ups until Tuesday, November 20th, 2018. No write ups will be accepted after this date.                                                                                                                     Yearbook (8)​

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