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Eric Hamber Secondary School Blog > Posts > Student Bulletin for September 8th, 2017
September 07
Student Bulletin for September 8th, 2017

Student Bulletin

Friday, September 8, 2017


DAY 1 ​​


1.   ATTENTION NEW STUDENTS - when you were or will be absent, you are required to submit an Absence Notice to the office, with all the info required on the notice. If the info entry is not complete, your notice may not be able to get entered into the system. This notice is required to submit within ONE WEEK of your return or prior to your planned absence. In case that your parent has phoned the office for your absence for the day (between 8:30 am and 9:00 am), you still need to submit this notice.   Office (11)


2.    Lockers

·    See Mr. Bach in the Main Office after school if you are having any issues with your locker or locker selection.

·     A reminder to all students - you should not place a lock on a locker that is not registered in

·    Please ensure you have selected a locker by end of classes on Tue. Sept. 12. D. Bach (12)


3.    ATTENTION CROSS COUNTRY RUNNERS - Attention Cross Country Runners (students and staff)- we will have our first meeting/ information session of the year on Monday, September 11th at 3:15. Please meet in room 221. We will be finished by 3:45 on this day.  Thank you!   S. McEachern (11)


4.    FITNESS 11/12 - will meet on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 7:30. See you in the main gym on Friday morning.  G. Dunne (9)


5.    myed password issue - All the issues related to MyEd password will be dealt with after September 11th. Before that there is no need for you to get into the system.   D. Bach (8)


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