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Eric Hamber Secondary School Blog > Posts > Student Bulletin for Wednesday, May 16, 2017
May 16
Student Bulletin for Wednesday, May 16, 2017

Student Bulletin

Wednesday, May 17, 2017




1.      Griffin Cup Track Meet - After considering the school calendar and the weather forecast we have decided to attempt our track meet on Thursday May 18 this week.  The schedule will stay the same (Grade 9’s field events in 2-4; grade 8 field events in 2-3, grade 8 & 9 sprints and relays in 2-2 and 2-1).  Thanks for your understanding.                                    
J. Overgaard (17)

2.      ALL PHOTOGRAPHY STUDENTS GRADES 9, 10, 11, 12  - Following Assignments due now:


B.  ASSIGNMENTS #1; #2; #3

Upcoming Assignments due May 31, June 2:

C.  ASSIGNMENTS #4, #5, #6


Therefore please follow through with all responsibilities for the photo projects; and, make efficient use of your time!  Please organize your photos in your photo workbook and submit with write-ups for each Assignment.
A. Des Mazes (19)

3.      My Little Griffin Fundraiser for Canuck Place - Come to the Atrium at lunch to receive stickers, t-shirts, buttons or pictures. The Griff mascot in return for your donation. Can't make it to the Atrium? Donate online and encourage parents or friends to do the same This initiative is to bring the Eric Hamber school family together in support of Canuck Place Children's Hospice. It is a worthwhile charity that we want to highlight its service to the community and surrounding region.
A. Starchuck (18)

4.      THE WIZ TICKETS – The following students need to see Mr. Nicks asap regarding Wiz tickets: Renee Aquino, Samantha Chauvin, Masha Kopytina. Ethan Chan, Anne Osborne, Emmanuel Cantillier, Robert Corusca, Darlene Ahrabi-Asli, Safia K-H, Sean Bray, Rachel Bernardo, and Ega Cheung.
D. Nicks (18)                         

 5.    APPLICATIONS FOR NEXT YEAR’S STUDENT COUNCIL ARE OPEN! If you are interested in being a part of student council as an MAL, Graphic Designer, or Photography Club Rep, please pick up an application form from Ms. Mak and sigh up for an interview time in the office. All grades are welcome!  You do not need previous experience to be an MAL. The official position titles are called MAL, Creative Director, and Media Director. You can find more detailed info for each position on the application form. The deadline for applications is Friday, May 19th.   R. Appel (17) 

6.      ATTENTION GRADE 10 - Would the following grade 10 students please see Mr. Rymer in the Counselling office ASAP for course changes;

Chen, Nikki                      Cheng, Ryan               Chan, Ethan                Duquette, Justin

Fiqueroa, Joaquin            Heath, Jack                Ho, Jack                     Hong, Alyssa

Kalia, Rajit                       Li Jiatao                       Liu, Chang jiang          lou, Yilong

Zheng, Wang                   Nakada, Eric               Niu , Harrison              Normatsu , Sarah

Pante, Julia                      Parmas, Caleb            Rat, Darius                  Roussopoulos,Orion

Wilding, Levi                    Wodzicki,Alexander    Wu, Marcus                Zeng, James

A note to all grade 10 students you must fill out the “Request for Study block " form in order for a study block next year - they are located outside Mr. Rymer's door ,when filled out please return it to him. If you are going to Summer School please pick up a "Request for Summer School" form located outside Mr. Rymer's door and please return to Mr. Rymer.
R. Rymer (17)



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