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Quick Launch

September 22
Week of September 25 - 28

Hello Grenfell Community,

A great thanks to all of you who sent your children to school this week with a Toonie for Terry.  We are still collecting money for cancer research through the Terry Fox Foundation and we will announce the total next week after all the money is counted and donated.  Thank you especially to Ms. Cho for organizing all the details of our fund drive and Terry Fox run.

This week after school has been busy with our cross country team burning up the paths and fields with their practices.  You have been great supports in this by arranging later pick-ups, and by encouraging and cheering for our young athletes.  Making exercise fun at such a young age often translates into lifelong healthy habits.  I also would like to acknowledge the staff sponsors of this activity – Mr. Hum, Ms. Seto, Mr. Johnston, Ms. Truong, Ms. Lee, Ms. Segran, and Ms. Kellock.  Here is the schedule for the rest of the season.

Every Thursday (until Oct. 19)            practice               3:00-4:00 pm      location: Grenfell

Tuesday Sept. 26                              meet                   3:00-5:00 pm      location: Trout Lake

Tuesday Oct. 3                                  meet                   3:00-5:00 pm      location: Trout Lake

Wednesday Oct. 11                            meet                   3:00-5:00 pm      location: Trout Lake

Thursday Oct. 9                                 District Final        3:00-5:00 pm      location: Trout Lake

If you have the time please come by and cheer for our Grenfell athletes.

Here is our week ahead:


9:15 am                Primary Classes Monday Morning Meeting (assembly – parents, caregivers welcome)


All day                   Professional Development Day (no school for students)


7:00 pm                PAC meeting – Everyone welcome!! If you have the time, please come by, meet other parents and find out more about what is going on at our school.


9:00 am Performance!!  Green Thumb Theatre (parents, caregivers welcome to attend)

On Wednesday there will be no classes as there is a professional development day.  During this day staff will be working with a presenter, Anita Chapman, in learning how to implement BC’s new curriculum in the classroom.  Our world is changing quickly and students need to learn differently to be successful in the future.  British Columbia is trying to help our youth adapt to this new world by changing some of the ways we teach and learn.  For more information about the new curriculum please click on the following link for a parent guide by the ministry of education.

Thank you for continuing to support our school and neighbourhood,




September 15
Week of September 18 - 22

Hello Grenfell Community,


We are just finishing our second week and much of the newness of the school year is becoming routine.  I would like to thank all parents and caregivers for making this a very smooth startup to the school year.  I would especially like to express our gratitude to Renato Santos, our building engineer, for making sure this school was all shiny and ready to welcome the students this September.  It takes a lot of effort renew a school after 10 months of staff and student wear and tear.  Thank you Renato!

Today your child will be bringing home a package of forms.  Please look through these carefully as they will include:

n     student fees (some of these forms will include workbook fees -- e.g. JumpMath)

n     neighbourhood walk consent form / permission to go home for lunch

n     media consent forms


Here is our week ahead:

All Week:             Toonie for Terry Drive

                                Our goal for Grenfell is to raise $1000 for cancer research. 


9:15 am                Intermediate Monday Morning Meeting (Assembly)

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

Lunch                    Gator Run

                            All students interested in joining the Gator Run Club come on out at lunch


1:00 pm                Terry Fox Run

Advance Notice:

​Sept 28 7:00 pm    First PAC meeting of the year.  All parents and guardians welcome.

October 4 & 5        Parent Teacher Conferences (student early dismissal 2 pm)


As you can see next week Grenfell will focus on on the life and accomplishments of Terry Fox.  Terry is a Canadian hero who life inspired millions of people around the world to donate money to cancer research, to follow an active lifestyle, and live a life trying to make a difference.  Many of us have friends and family members who have been touched by cancer.  Thanks to Terry and those who have been inspired by him research has made great strides and we are spending longer and more productive time with loved ones with cancer.  Grenfell’s goal this year is to raise $1000 for cancer research.

Terry is a great example for our youth about making a difference.  His positive attitude and determination is a lesson to young and old.  Please have a look at this video (link below), have a chat with your children about Terry, and, if you can, send them to school with a Toonie for cancer research.

Have a wonderful weekend,

Jonathan Weresch


September 08
Welcome Back!

September 8, 2017


Dear Parents, Guardians and Community,


Welcome to a new school year.  We look forward to another year of partnership with you.

The first week of school is a wonderful and exciting experience for all.  Just as your children may have been counting sleeps, so too have the staff been preparing, many of them coming in during the summer and preparing their rooms to make them perfect for that first week.

Kindergarten Parents / Guardians:

First of all I would like to thank you for all the hard work you have done in preparing your child over the last four years for this new adventure.  The staff and community are grateful to you for trusting us in partnering with you in educating your child.  This is a big step and I would like to express my gratitude to you for choosing Sir Wilfred Grenfell as the school for your child.

Grade 1 – 7 Parents / Guardians:

Welcome back!  We are excited for another school year and renewing and continuing our partnership with you in educating your children.  

We also want to make sure that students are in classes that best suit their strengths and needs.  The teachers who had your children last year made thoughtful choices in trying to create balanced classes for this year where your child will learn and thrive.   Today the children moved to their new classes with their teacher for the year.

All Parents

Please check your child’s backpack daily for notices that are being sent home.  There will be a letter regarding school fees coming soon.  The amount that we request covers the consumable products that your child will be using throughout the school year as well as a small fee to pay for performers that enrich your child’s education throughout the year.  Please see on the notice a section that explains how we can work with families who may find themselves in a time of financial hardship.

One of our goals in the office this year is to keep our website up to date.  This means that you should be able to look at our calendar on-line and find out what is happening at Grenfell.  We already entered all pro-d, performance, and holiday dates.  As we find out more about events we will be entering these as well.  Please have a look at and look around the website when you have a chance.

We are also launching a facebook page and a twitter site.  These two pages are there to show parents and community some of the good work and community opportunities.  We do not have much content on there yet, but if you start following you can keep up to date on some of the events that happen at your school.  You can find us at                     

Finally I would like to acknowledge the good work of our outgoing principal Rosemary Love.  It is with great gratitude that I come to this school, knowing that she created a school with vision, voice, and academic purpose.  As a community we are also grateful to her family in supporting her as a leader in this community.  We wish her all the best as she pursues her passions in retirement with the vigor and joy that she showed as principal of Grenfell Elementary.



Jonathan Weresch


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