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Quick Launch

November 04
Week of Nov 5-9

Hello Community,

Thank you everyone for making last week one of the most favourite times of year for children. Yes, Halloween is that important in schools. Staff and students alike worked hard at making the day memorable and fun both children aged 0-99. Thank you specially to the staff who spent time cleaning up the afternoon of Oct 31st getting ready for the next day. 


9:15 Monday Morning Meeting (primary – everyone welcome)

7 pm PAC Meeting — everyone welcome


9:00 am Photo Retakes


9:30 - 12:00 Field Trip Div 10&14 Renfrew Ravine

1:00 - 1:45. Performance — Bohemia Ballet (everyone welcome)


9:00 - 3:00 Field Trip Div 2 & 9 to UBC Science Day

1100 - 1200 Remembrance Day Assembly (everyone welcome)


Non-Instructional Day — no school for students

Now to a link. This week will be our Remembrance Day ceremony. This day is one where students and adults commit to peace and remember others who have been victims of war. Last spring one of our classes traveled on a field trip to Vancouver’s Chinese Canadian Military Museum to learn from veterans about the contributions of these Canadians. If you would like to see more of this trip you can read an article about it in the Vancouver Courier

If you have the chance, please join us at our ceremony on Thursday. 

Have a great week,

Jonathan Weresch

October 05
Week of October 8 - 12

Hello Parents,


First of all I would like to wish our community a happy thanksgiving.  At Grenfell we are especially grateful for a supportive and caring community of parents, a dedicated community of staff, and 420+ students who come to school every day ready to learn about their world, their peers, and themselves.  We hope you enjoy the holiday.

Here is our week ahead.


All day                  Thanksgiving Holiday – No School


All day                  Individual Photo Day – Please come dressed to get your picture taken


PM                        Celebration of Dance – all welcome

Cross Country:

We are currently in Cross Country season.  This year we have had a primary group running -- thanks to Grenfell's Gator Run tradition our students were ready for this challenge.  The primaries participated in a meet this last week and we would especially like to thank all the parents and staff who volunteered to supervise and drive our athletes to their meet.  The intermediate season is still going on and we are very proud of the way these older athletes are representing our school and community.  Thanks again to the coaches, sponsors and volunteers.

Safety Request:

Parents and caregivers please be very careful when picking up and dropping off children in front of our school.  Please do not let your children (of any age) cross the street in front of the entrance to our school on Wellington street.  This is a busy street and a bus route and because we are located just over the crest of a hill drivers do not see our children as drive in front of our school.  Please keep our children safe and cross either on Rupert at the cross walk or 2-3 blocks east where it is safe.

District News:

In the news you may have heard that schools were tested for lead in the pipes.  We have some good news.  Our water system was replaced after 1990 and in following the code of the time no lead was used in the soldering of our pipes.  Please click on the following link to see a letter from the school board regarding Grenfell’s water.

PAC News:

On Thursday Oct 4th the PAC met. We are very grateful for everyone that came and there was some good discussion about issues at Grenfell.  Thank you to Petra (Noah’s mom) for taking minutes and sending them to us so quickly.  Please click on the following link to read the PAC meeting minutes.

Now to a link.

Mr. Green has been so kind as to let me teach every Wednesday morning in his class.  We are working through some of the new BC Curriculum’s area of Personal and Social Competencies.  Part of this is to identify and work with our strength.  Mr. Green’s students have been very thoughtful in thinking of what makes them unique and what gifts they have that can benefit themselves, others and the environment.  Here is a video we watched on World Character Day (yes, there is such a thing) before identifying our own individual strengths.  If you have the time you can watch this and maybe make a list of your own strengths of character you can share with your family.  Enjoy.

Have a wonderful weekend,

Jonathan Weresch​

September 17
September 17 2018

Hello Families and Caregivers,


Welcome to a new school year at Grenfell.  Once again the staff here appreciate the trust you place in us in educating your children.

First I would like to start this message with some items of gratitude:

       1.      A very big thank you to Mr. Santos, Mr. Le and to the Vancouver School Board facilities staff for cleaning our school and creating one of the shiniest gym floors I have ever seen.  If you have a chance please come by and have a look and if you find the time please thank our hard working engineering staff for their work in July and August.

       2.      Thank you to Ms. Conte (secretary) and Ms. Van Wyck (vice principal) for preparing the office for our start up.  At the beginning of the year there are many tasks to complete as a school and these two worked long hours to make sure all the forms are ready, the supplies are ordered, schedules are correct, etc..  We are very grateful for their hard work.

       3.      Thank you to all the teachers and support staff.  During the last two weeks of August (their holidays) this school was buzzing with teachers preparing their classrooms.  Old posters came down, new posters went up, student learning materials were prepared, and furniture was cleaned and set up.  We are very grateful for the commitment on the part of the staff at this school to helping children learn and grow.

       4.      Thank you especially to all the families here.  Children came back to school having had two months of mental/social/emotional stimulation, connection with family, reading, and physical activity.  It has been great to see happy and rested students walk through our doors in September.  Grenfell families are a wonderful community where children can thrive.

Next I would like to send out a few reminders:

    n  Please check your child’s backpack for notices and fee statements.  Children, after the summer, often forget to pass on information and a quick look in their backpacks can help you receive important information

    n  Parking:  please do not park in the staff parking lot.  We also ask you do not drive in there for pick up or drop off.  In the morning and after school children walk through the parking lot on their way to and from school and it is very dangerous to have cars driving there when children are present.

    n  Allergies:  we have some students who have severe allergies to nuts.  Please keep foods containing nuts and nut-products at home.  This will help greatly in making sure that all children are learning and playing in a safe environment.

Now to a few upcoming dates:

    n  Monday September 24 – Monday Morning Meeting (Intermediate) – everyone welcome to attend

    n  Thursday September 27 – Terry Fox Run

    n  Friday September 28 – Professional Development Day for staff (No School)

    n  Thursday October 4 – PAC Meeting 7 pm in the Library

I hope everyone has a wonderful week.


Jonathan Weresch


August 31
First Day Of School

​Please note that on September 4 students will be at school from 9:00 to 9:45 am.  For grades 1-7 the first full day of school will be Wednesday September 5.  

Please come to your last year's class for the first week.

Kindergarten students and parents please follow the schedule sent by mail for your gradual entry to school.

Have a great weekend,

Jonathan Weresch

June 25
Week of June 25 - 29

Hello Grenfell Community


This week marks the end of the 2017-2018 school year.  We still have a number of activities and students and staff are busy right through the last day (Thursday for students, Friday for staff).  Please help out your children this week by sending them to school with some extra bags and maybe even helping them carry as they will be bringing all their hard work (art, workbooks, etc.) home.

Here is our week ahead.



11:00                    Track Meet (intermediate)


All day                  Div 3 Field Trip to Kitsilano

11 am – 2 pm       Divs 18 & 19 to Collingwood Park

Afternoon             Loonie Swim


1:30 pm               Intermediate Year End Assembly


All day                  Last Day of School for Students

AM                       Whole School Assembly


All day                  Administrative Day (No School For Students)


Now to two announcements. 

The Vancouver School Board has recognized the good work Ms. Steele has done at Grenfell and has asked her to move to Kerrisdale Annex.  This is an important step in her progress and journey as a school leader.  We are very grateful for the years she has spent here and wish her all the best.

Our long-time secretary and friend of many parents Kathy Reid is retiring.  She has served schools for a long time and now is the time for her to rest, enjoy her cabin, and, even more so, enjoy her grandchildren.  Kathy has been the Grenfell spirit through many changes and she has helped many, if not most of our families navigate through the school system.  We wish her well, good health, and a fabulous time with her family.

Have a great week,



June 05
2018 PAC Grenfell Walk-A-Thon

​                                                       Parent Advisory Committee


3323 Wellington Avenue

Vancouver, B.C.  V5R 4Y3

Tel:  604-713-4844         Fax:  604-713-4846


Dear Parents/Guardians:


We will be holding a School Fundraiser on Friday, June 15, 2018.  The Walkathon will take place on the Gravel Field, and on the outside school sidewalks.  This is a special event when the whole school gets together, it’s a lot of fun, and helps raise money for the school.


The money raised will go towards facilitating programs in our school such as Technology and Physical Education.  In addition, funds will be used to assist in special class projects and events.


All students that participate will be eligible for random door prizes.  Students that collect donations of $100.00 or more will have their name placed in draws for bigger prizes.  Also, if all the students raise a total of $5,000.00 or more, they will have an extra long recess during school, at a date to be determined later.

 The classes will begin their walk from 1:30 a.m.  Students can walk, run or skip and try to see how many time they can go around the course in one hour.  Parents/ guardians are invited to join us.

 Pledge forms will be sent home today with this letter, on form per child.  We encourage students to only collect pledges from people they know (i.e. parents, friends, relatives and neighbours they know).  Wed do not want children going door-to-door or approaching strangers.  We request that they NOT ask staff members or other students in the school.  When collecting monies, students are encouraged to go with an adult, explain politely about the Walkathon, and understand that some people may not want or be able to donate. 

 When students feel that they have collected what they can please hand the money into their classroom teacher on or before Tuesday, June 12, 2017.

 Please also consider donating prizes to the school for this event.  As an incentive for our students we need prizes to hand out and these come from the community (parents, staff, friends of the school).  Please bring your gift to the office and we will display it for our students to see.

 The Grenfell Staff and Students thank you for your continued support!






Prizes are awarded for the following:   Prize Draw – All students that participated will be eligible for prizes. 

-         5 pledges             

-         10 or more pledges

-         Collection of $100.00 - $150.00

-         Collection of $151.00 or more

-         Top collections for a Girl

-         Top collections for a Boy

-         Spirit Awards (the amount of awards dependent on the amount of prize donations we receive)​

June 04
Week of June 4 - 8

Hello Community,

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend.  To those of you who ran the BC Children's Hospital 5K Child Run -- Congratulations!

Before we come to the week ahead I would just like to pass on a message from our librarian Ms. Lacroix

In keeping with the rest of the libraries in the Vancouver school Board, all library books will be due no later than Wednesday June 6th. Any lost or damaged books will have to be paid for. Thank you in advance for helping your child to be responsible and avoiding unnecessary  print outs for over due books."

Mrs. Lacroix


Here is our week ahead


9:15                        There will be no assembly as the gymnastics equipment is set up in the gym.


9:45                        Vancouver Police Department Safety Talk for Divisions 13-14-15-16-17


9 - 12                     Loonie Swim (some intermediate classes)


All day                   Field Trip – Divs 1-5 to UBC

All day                   District Track and Field Meet at Swanguard stadium

7 pm                      PAC meeting in library (all parents are welcome)


Important upcoming events

June 13                 Professional Development Day (no school for students)

June 18                 Grade 7 Farewell Ceremony (grad)

June 19                 Talent Show




The walk-a-thon is an important fundraiser for our Parent Advisory Committee (PAC).  With the money they raise, the PAC has a direct effect on the education of many of our students.  Using these funds the PAC has influence over such things as technology, field trips, sporting events, and supporting families in need with the costs of education.  You can support the PAC in two ways – 1. Show up to PAC meetings (for example this Thursday at 7 pm) and have your voice be heard as well as meet other parents, and 2. Support the PAC fundraisers such the Walk-A-Thon.  For this event we need prizes.  If you are going to a shop which sells toys and gear that kids like (most big box stores have a children’s section) please add an item to your cart and bring it to the school.  We will then add it to our display case and this will act as an incentive for our students to walk and raise funds for the PAC.  Please do consider supporting the PAC in this manner.

Next Year’s Class Placements

If you would like to share some thoughts about what type of a class your child would benefit from please let your current teacher know or drop an email to me at .  We do consider parent input when placing students.  When trying to put together the classes for next school year we primarily look at balancing the populations.  We try to balance classes in terms of students with diverse learning profiles.  As changes often take place through the summer we will not be able to let families know what next year will look like until September.

We hope that you have a wonderful week,


Jonathan Weresch​

May 11
Week of May 14 - 18

Hello Grenfell Community,


At the beginning of this message I would just like to greet the group of most important and influential educators any child can have -- Happy Mothers Day!

May is here and within two weeks we went from wearing gloves to running around in shorts.  This is an exciting time of school as many school year highlights happen between now and the end of June.  Here is our week ahead as well as some of the dates to keep in mind for the next bit of the year.


Monday May 14

9:15 am               Monday Morning Meeting (primary assembly)

Tuesday May 15

9:00 – 2:30          Field Trip Divs. 10 & 11 – Museum of Anthropology (UBC)

                              Field Trip Div 4 – Bowling with penpals from Tecumseh School

Wednesday May 16

9:00 – 2:15          Field Trip Div 6 – Seymour Salmon Hatchery (North Vancouver)

1:30 pm               Speech Arts Festival (Grenfell Gym) – EVERYONE WELCOME!

Thursday May 17

All day                  Immunization Clinic – all grades

Friday May 18

No School for Students (District Closure Day)

Monday May 21

No School for Students (Victoria Day Holiday)


Some Important Grenfell Events Coming Up!

Sports Day 9 am– 2 pm                                May 25

Welcome To Kindergarten                          May 29

Swangard Track Meet                                   June 7

Walk-A-Thon                                                   June 8

Grade 7 School Leaving Ceremony            June 18

Talent Show                                                    June 19


We Need Your Help!

The annual Grenfell Walk-A-Thon is coming up.  This is an important fundraiser for our Parent Advisory Council where students run, walk, skip, roll etc. to help with enrichment programs at our school.  To encourage our students we would like to offer them many draw prizes as incentives.  We are looking for prizes to raffle off to students (the more prizes the better) who complete various challenges.  If a parent, staff or community member is able to contribute a prize please bring it to the office.  We ask that it be of a minimum value of $10, still unopened (please no used items) and age appropriate.  They can be toys, games, gift certificates, etc..  For the week leading up to the walk-a-thon we will be displaying these prizes in our display cases.  If you would like to and are able to support this let us know.

Planning for Next Year

Families and schools are currently planning for next year.  Many of you are looking forward to another year at Grenfell, however, some may be moving and transferring to other schools in the city or even farther away.  Please let us know of any change in plans for next year so that we can adjust class sizes and composition as we slowly piece together the school organization for the 2018-2019 school year.


Have a wonderful weekend,



April 30
Week of April 30 - May 4

Week of April 30 – May 4

 Hello Community

Please note the PAC that will take place this Thursday evening at 7 pm in the library.

 Here is the week ahead


12:00 – 4:00 pm               Badminton @ Sir Charles Tupper Secondary School


2 pm                                Earthquake Drill


9 am – 3 pm                      Field Trip: Divs 10 & 11 Stanley Park Ecology Centre

9 am – 3 pm                      Field Trip: Div 2 Beaty Biodiversity Museum

7 pm – 8:30 pm                PAC Meeting (all parents welcome)


11 am – 3 pm                    Divs 1-3 Peer Ed Fair

Here is a message from the school nurse Cindy Diett: 



Consents forms have been sent home to parents of K students who are still incomplete for their

immunizations up to and including kindergarten age. Please send dates to the school attention the nurse

for any outstanding vaccines shown on the consent form if they have been done.

If your child is still requiring vaccines and you would like them done at school, the consent form needs

to be returned as soon as possibleIf you are planning to take your child to the doctor/clinic, please

let me know. The school clinic will be held on Thursday, May 17th.

It is very important to have up to date information on all the students in the school.

A big thanks to those paren​​ts who have handed in information already.


Grade 6:

Just a reminder that there will be an immunization clinic at the school for Grade 6’s and other grades

on Thursday, May 17th. For those students receiving  HPV vaccine, it is a two dose series and they will

be getting their second dose. Any other outstanding vaccines that have been consented for and are due,

will also be given.


For both K’s and 6’s, please ensure your child has a hearty breakfast on the morning of the clinic and

wears a short sleeved top.

If you have any questions or concerns, please call me.


Thank you,

Cindy Diett, PHN, school nurse

604-872-2511, local 3308

Now to a link

On Wednesday our students and staff will be participating in an earthquake drill.  As a family a good resource for tips on preparedness is the Government of BC website  ( ).  Please have a look and find out the latest suggestions by experts on how to keep you and your loved ones safe.​

Have a great week,

Jonathan Weresch

April 13
Week of April 16 - 20

Week of April 16 – 20


Hello Grenfell Parents, Guardians, and Friends,


A week ago the Humboldt Broncos tragedy took place in Saskatchewan.  As a staff we were not sure how the students at Grenfell would react and going into school on Monday we did not have any other planned response other than to be sensitive to what our students would communicate to us.  That day our students made it clear to us that they wanted to help.  They wanted Grenfell to reach out to the team and families who lost loved ones.  Student council along with Ms. Mrazek met and planned an intermediate assembly to pay our respects and to announce a fundraiser for the families and community of Humboldt (money to be donated to the national GoFundMe campaign).  Our students will also create and sign cards that will be sent to Humboldt next week.

If you would like to contribute to our students’ efforts for the Humboldt Broncos raffle ticket sales will be starting on Monday, April 16 and will be on sale all week.  The tickets are $1 for one ticket and $2 for three tickets.  The prizes are one hockey stick signed by Chris Tanev (Vancouver Canucks defenseman) and one stick signed by Bo Horvat (Vancouver Canucks forward).  Thank you to our grade 6/7 teacher  (and former Grenfell student) Mr. Hum for donating these memorabilia sticks.  We will be announcing the winners on Monday April 24.

You can read more about our assembly here:

Here is our week ahead


9:15                      Monday Morning Meeting – grades K-3 (visitors welcome)


1:30                      Performance – Infinitus


1:30 – 2:30         Heritage Fair – Divs 5,6,7 will be celebrating Canadian heritage and children’s learning with an exhibition in the Upper Hallway.  If you have the time, please come by and see the good work our students are doing.


9:00 – 3:00          Field Trip – Divs 16,17,18,19 to Science World


Before spring break the students in Ms. Seto’s class (division 8) traveled to the Chinese Canadian Military Museum to meet some veterans and learn about history from those who experienced the second World War as part of the Canadian military.  If you are able to, please find a Vancouver Courier where there is a story about this trip.  If you find extra copies of this Courier newspaper we would greatly appreciate it if you could bring them by the school as we would like to give as many division 8 students as possible their own copy for them to remember this trip.

I hope you and your families have a wonderful weekend,


Jonathan Weresch​

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