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October 05
Week of October 8 - 12

Hello Parents,


First of all I would like to wish our community a happy thanksgiving.  At Grenfell we are especially grateful for a supportive and caring community of parents, a dedicated community of staff, and 420+ students who come to school every day ready to learn about their world, their peers, and themselves.  We hope you enjoy the holiday.

Here is our week ahead.


All day                  Thanksgiving Holiday – No School


All day                  Individual Photo Day – Please come dressed to get your picture taken


PM                        Celebration of Dance – all welcome

Cross Country:

We are currently in Cross Country season.  This year we have had a primary group running -- thanks to Grenfell's Gator Run tradition our students were ready for this challenge.  The primaries participated in a meet this last week and we would especially like to thank all the parents and staff who volunteered to supervise and drive our athletes to their meet.  The intermediate season is still going on and we are very proud of the way these older athletes are representing our school and community.  Thanks again to the coaches, sponsors and volunteers.

Safety Request:

Parents and caregivers please be very careful when picking up and dropping off children in front of our school.  Please do not let your children (of any age) cross the street in front of the entrance to our school on Wellington street.  This is a busy street and a bus route and because we are located just over the crest of a hill drivers do not see our children as drive in front of our school.  Please keep our children safe and cross either on Rupert at the cross walk or 2-3 blocks east where it is safe.

District News:

In the news you may have heard that schools were tested for lead in the pipes.  We have some good news.  Our water system was replaced after 1990 and in following the code of the time no lead was used in the soldering of our pipes.  Please click on the following link to see a letter from the school board regarding Grenfell’s water.

PAC News:

On Thursday Oct 4th the PAC met. We are very grateful for everyone that came and there was some good discussion about issues at Grenfell.  Thank you to Petra (Noah’s mom) for taking minutes and sending them to us so quickly.  Please click on the following link to read the PAC meeting minutes.

Now to a link.

Mr. Green has been so kind as to let me teach every Wednesday morning in his class.  We are working through some of the new BC Curriculum’s area of Personal and Social Competencies.  Part of this is to identify and work with our strength.  Mr. Green’s students have been very thoughtful in thinking of what makes them unique and what gifts they have that can benefit themselves, others and the environment.  Here is a video we watched on World Character Day (yes, there is such a thing) before identifying our own individual strengths.  If you have the time you can watch this and maybe make a list of your own strengths of character you can share with your family.  Enjoy.

Have a wonderful weekend,

Jonathan Weresch​

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