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June 05
2018 PAC Grenfell Walk-A-Thon

​                                                       Parent Advisory Committee


3323 Wellington Avenue

Vancouver, B.C.  V5R 4Y3

Tel:  604-713-4844         Fax:  604-713-4846


Dear Parents/Guardians:


We will be holding a School Fundraiser on Friday, June 15, 2018.  The Walkathon will take place on the Gravel Field, and on the outside school sidewalks.  This is a special event when the whole school gets together, it’s a lot of fun, and helps raise money for the school.


The money raised will go towards facilitating programs in our school such as Technology and Physical Education.  In addition, funds will be used to assist in special class projects and events.


All students that participate will be eligible for random door prizes.  Students that collect donations of $100.00 or more will have their name placed in draws for bigger prizes.  Also, if all the students raise a total of $5,000.00 or more, they will have an extra long recess during school, at a date to be determined later.

 The classes will begin their walk from 1:30 a.m.  Students can walk, run or skip and try to see how many time they can go around the course in one hour.  Parents/ guardians are invited to join us.

 Pledge forms will be sent home today with this letter, on form per child.  We encourage students to only collect pledges from people they know (i.e. parents, friends, relatives and neighbours they know).  Wed do not want children going door-to-door or approaching strangers.  We request that they NOT ask staff members or other students in the school.  When collecting monies, students are encouraged to go with an adult, explain politely about the Walkathon, and understand that some people may not want or be able to donate. 

 When students feel that they have collected what they can please hand the money into their classroom teacher on or before Tuesday, June 12, 2017.

 Please also consider donating prizes to the school for this event.  As an incentive for our students we need prizes to hand out and these come from the community (parents, staff, friends of the school).  Please bring your gift to the office and we will display it for our students to see.

 The Grenfell Staff and Students thank you for your continued support!






Prizes are awarded for the following:   Prize Draw – All students that participated will be eligible for prizes. 

-         5 pledges             

-         10 or more pledges

-         Collection of $100.00 - $150.00

-         Collection of $151.00 or more

-         Top collections for a Girl

-         Top collections for a Boy

-         Spirit Awards (the amount of awards dependent on the amount of prize donations we receive)​

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