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June 04
Week of June 4 - 8

Hello Community,

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend.  To those of you who ran the BC Children's Hospital 5K Child Run -- Congratulations!

Before we come to the week ahead I would just like to pass on a message from our librarian Ms. Lacroix

In keeping with the rest of the libraries in the Vancouver school Board, all library books will be due no later than Wednesday June 6th. Any lost or damaged books will have to be paid for. Thank you in advance for helping your child to be responsible and avoiding unnecessary  print outs for over due books."

Mrs. Lacroix


Here is our week ahead


9:15                        There will be no assembly as the gymnastics equipment is set up in the gym.


9:45                        Vancouver Police Department Safety Talk for Divisions 13-14-15-16-17


9 - 12                     Loonie Swim (some intermediate classes)


All day                   Field Trip – Divs 1-5 to UBC

All day                   District Track and Field Meet at Swanguard stadium

7 pm                      PAC meeting in library (all parents are welcome)


Important upcoming events

June 13                 Professional Development Day (no school for students)

June 18                 Grade 7 Farewell Ceremony (grad)

June 19                 Talent Show




The walk-a-thon is an important fundraiser for our Parent Advisory Committee (PAC).  With the money they raise, the PAC has a direct effect on the education of many of our students.  Using these funds the PAC has influence over such things as technology, field trips, sporting events, and supporting families in need with the costs of education.  You can support the PAC in two ways – 1. Show up to PAC meetings (for example this Thursday at 7 pm) and have your voice be heard as well as meet other parents, and 2. Support the PAC fundraisers such the Walk-A-Thon.  For this event we need prizes.  If you are going to a shop which sells toys and gear that kids like (most big box stores have a children’s section) please add an item to your cart and bring it to the school.  We will then add it to our display case and this will act as an incentive for our students to walk and raise funds for the PAC.  Please do consider supporting the PAC in this manner.

Next Year’s Class Placements

If you would like to share some thoughts about what type of a class your child would benefit from please let your current teacher know or drop an email to me at .  We do consider parent input when placing students.  When trying to put together the classes for next school year we primarily look at balancing the populations.  We try to balance classes in terms of students with diverse learning profiles.  As changes often take place through the summer we will not be able to let families know what next year will look like until September.

We hope that you have a wonderful week,


Jonathan Weresch​

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