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March 02
Week of March 5 - March 9

Hello Grenfell Parents and Caregivers

First of all I would like to thank everyone that showed up to our PAC meeting.  It was a very invigorating evening where there was good discussion, some laughter, and parents letting the school know what issues are important to our families.  The new report card format was a big item of discussion (see below).  Some of the other topics of discussion were earthquake preparedness, lock-down drills, Pink Shirt Day, and basketball season.  Our next PAC meeting will be Thursday April 5.

Science Fair at Science World

We are very proud of the work our intermediate students have done on their science project.  They have shown how much they learned about not only a specific topic in science, but also about the process of inquiry -- asking a question, scanning the environment, imagining solutions, collecting data, and drawing conclusions.  We are also proud that some of these projects will be presented at Science World this weekend on Saturday and Sunday from 10 am to 12 pm.  If you are unable to come please have a look at our Facebook page for some pictures of all the hard work and creativity on display.​

Fridge Magnets -- Safe Arrival Update

Thank you once again to everyone for using our special phone line (604-713-5159 ext 34) or our special email address ( ) to let us know when your child is absent.  We have now sent home little brown envelopes with a fridge magnet in it.  On the magnet is the phone number and email address to notify us.  This will help make sure that all children come to school safely.

Students (no longer) Going Home for Lunch

If your child is to leave at any time during the school day we need to have a parent sign them out.  Another part of the safe arrival program is that we need to know where students are at all time.  We also do not want children to run off on their own or even sign themselves out.  At lunch time students should not leave the school unless a parent is here to pick them up.  Please send you child to school with a lunch or if you want them to come home please pick them up in person.  I know this is a different practice from the past, but Grenfell will be a safer place with this small change in practice.

Pink Shirt Assembly

Another great thank you to Ms. Wong, our music teacher, and Mr. Green who prepared their students for singing and reading at our pink shirt assembly.  The purpose of this assembly was to make students aware of bullying and to encourage everyone to choose kindness, respect, and acceptance over hurting others.  Thank you also to student council for designing our shirts we wore.

New Report Card / Home School Communication Format

At last night’s PAC meeting there was a good discussion about the new report card format and Ms. Steele and I took notes on parent feedback and what parts of the communication families liked and what families would like to see improved.  Ms. Steele has created a parent survey which is still active.  If you have the time we would appreciate your feedback online  We are also looking for 2-4 parents to join us one evening (either Tuesday March 6 or Thursday March 8 at 6:30 pm) to give the Vancouver School Board feedback about schools communicating with homes about how students are learning.  If you are interested in joining us please contact Ms. Steele in the office.

A message from the librarian Mrs. Lacroix:

Thanks everyone for supporting the Scholastic Book Fair.  As a result the school library was able to keep $550 worth of books from the fair.  In addition $675 in cash to spend on non-Scholastic books.

Here is our week ahead


9:15 am                Monday Morning Meeting (intermediate assembly) – visitors welcome

9:45 am                Ice Skating at Britannia Divs 1 and 6

10:45 am             Ice Skating at Britannia Divs 2 and 9

1:00 pm               Visit from Windermere Community Schools Team (various classes)


10:45 am             Ice Skating Divs 8, 12, 15


9:45 am                Ice Skating Divs 11, 13, 17

10:45 am             Ice Skating Divs 3 and 5

Now to a link.  An important part of child’s education does not happen in classroom, but in the hallways, on the playground, the lunchroom, before and after school.  Children learn to get a long, to solve problems and, best of all, how to disagree with each other in these unstructured areas and times.  We do teach children about this in class and in assemblies, however they practice this mostly on their own with each other.  Being able to disagree appropriately is a lifelong skill that will benefit each individual when they are young, when they are old, in work, in friendships, in relationships.  Here is a little video by Kid President on how to disagree.  It may be a fun one to watch with your child, if you have the time.

Enjoy your weekend,



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