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October 06
Week of October 9 - 13


Dear Grenfell Community,

Last week was a busy one.  Many of you were here for the Windermere Community Schools Programs registration, a program we are very grateful to be able to host at our school.  After that many of you made the return trip to Grenfell on Wednesday and Thursday to meet with your child’s teacher to learn about progress, set some goals, and figure out how we can support each other in raising your children.

Thank you also to the many parents and caregivers who came and talked to me in the office.  I really enjoy the communication with parents and caregivers as I believe that children thrive when all adults around them work together.

Here is our week ahead:


All Day                  Thanksgiving Holiday (NO SCHOOL)


All Day                  Student Photos


8 am                      Soccer Practice

3 – 5 pm               X-Country Meet at Trout Lake


October 19   X-Country District Final at Trout Lake

October 20   Pro-D Day (No School)


Now to a link.  The staff at Grenfell have decided to focus on the virtue of Respect for the next two months.  This means that stories will be told, discussions will be held and student’s caring actions will be highlighted as the school promotes Respect.  These actions can be small things such as picking up someone’s dropped pencil, saying “thank you”, letting a peer go first in line, letting others know they are important.  Here is a short video (which we watched in intermediate assembly) from the CBC.  It shows how one student used a small act of respect -- holding a door open for others -- to make school a better place for others as well as for himself.  If you have the time, have a look, and maybe even discuss it with your child.  Enjoy.

Have a wonderful weekend,



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