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March 10
View Term 2 Report Cards Online

Dear Parent/Guardian,

Term 2 Report Cards were printed and sent home with students on March 8th, 2017.  We are on our way to going paperless and offering the Term 2 Report Card in electronic form on a trial basis.  
How to access the electronic Term 2 Report Card:
  1. Log into MYED BC through your child's student number and password.  All students have been granted access to the Student/Family Portal to do course planning for the 2017-18 school year.  We are intending this structure to promote open educational conversations between students and parents. 
  2. Click on the Term 2 Report Card in the "Published Reports" area in the lower right side of the Student/Family Portal page.
  3. Electronic Report Cards for Term 2 will only be available until May 26, 2017 on the Student/Family Portal.   
Instructions on how to sign into MYED BC Student/Family Portal are below.
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