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September 24
Dickens Annex Parent Information Night

​Thursday, October 1, 2015

6:30 to 8:15

Childcare Provided

Please join the staff for an information session about the Annex philosophy, programming, and ways to support your child's school experience. We will meet together as a group and then break into 3 smaller sessions to discuss reading, writing, math, afternoon program, the importance of play, and school preparation.

We hope that you will be able to join us!

May 08
Gratitude Statement

​"I'm grateful for Elliot because he holds Mine Craft facts in his hppocampus." - Shuming

March 27
Assembly Gratitude Statements

​"I am grateful for my dad because he loves me." - Elliana

"I am grateful for my friends because they play with me." - Several

"I am grateful for the school because they teach us." - Sophie

February 13
Assembly Gratitude Statements

​"I'm grateful for Whole School Choosing because you can go to other classes to play." - Logan

"I'm grateful for Nature because if we didn't have it, we wouldn't be here." - Noah

"i'm grateful for Charles Dickens Annex because it's fun." - Chloe

"I'm grateful for the teachers because they teach us." - Arya

"I'm grateful for the school because they teach us." - Brianna

February 06
Assembly Gratitude Statements

​"I'm grateful for Mrs.C because she's groovy." - Sienna

"I'm grateful for my mom because she makes good apple pie." - Ty

January 23
Assembly Gratitude Statements

"I'm grateful for my family because they love me." - Hiroki

"I'm grateful for for my friends because they play with me." - Sadie

"I'm grateful for this school because it teaches us." - Maitri

"I'm grateful for Ms. Conklin beacause she's awesome." - Mimi

November 24
Assembly Gratitude Statements

​"I'm grateful for my sister because she plays with me." - Claire

"I'm thankful for my grandma because she makes my Halloween costumes." - Elyse

"I'm grateful for my dad because he tells me the rules." - K

October 30
Please see information below in 'Publications' regarding 2015-2016 Registration
June 19
Storm Flood Gratitudes

​A HUGE thank you to all our parent and staff community. Due to everyone's diligence, care, and quick actions to mobilize, the Annex is in amazingly great shape with minimal content damage. We are still drying out and in the process of a full, thorough assessment which will take some time. Again, a heartfelt thank you to all who texted, called, emailed, and who were able to be on site to help our beautiful little school!

May 21
Kindness Video

​Please click on 'Principal's News' and scroll down the right hand side to 'Links'. Here, click on the 'Kindness Video'. This video, in which some of our students are featured in, was created by the Dalai Lama Peace and Education Centre to be part of The Science Of Kindness Conference that was recently held out at U.B.C.. It was shown to open the Saturday of the conference. The video is a wonderful reminder about how important and joyful being kind is in life.

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