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May 01

Please note that May 5, 2017 was previoulsy listed as a Professional Development day for teachers. This was changed and appeared in error.

Friday, May 5 is a regular school day in session for students 

​Please accept our apologies for any confusion. 


Mr. J Cortens 

December 05

Dear Parents/Guardians:

This is a note to let you know that we have heard from the VSB regarding the busing of students from the Carleton (at Kingsway) site to Sir Guy Carleton Elementary (at Cunningham). 

The Secretary-Treasurer has confirmed that busing will continue until the end of the school year June 2017. 

Thank you for your feedback and for your patience as we have attempted to address your concerns. 


Mr. John Cortens
Principal, Sir Guy Carleton Elementary School 

September 28
School Closure notice for parents in four languages. Click on link below
September 21
Meet the Teacher 22-September 2016 6:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.


Dear Parents/Guardians:


Please come to our Meet the Teacher event at Carleton (Cunningham Elementary)


Date:  September 22, 2016

Time: 6:00 pm – 7:00 pm

Please meet in the gym at 6:00PM for a brief introduction.  Families will then have an opportunity to see their student’s classrooms and briefly meet their teacher.  (Please note:  Some teachers will not be available at this time).


Mr. Cortens Principal


September 13
Click on the link for information for parents regarding school closure
September 09



September 03

​Please see the attached document for important information for Carleton families who will be using the bus service from Carleton (at Kingsway site) to Carleton at Cunningham. 

Carleton Parent 2 September[1].docxCarleton Parent 2 September[1].docx

2 September 2016


Dear Parents / Guardians of Carleton students,


I would like to officially welcome you to the 2016-2017 school year!   While busily preparing for the arrival of our students on Tuesday, I have been thinking about our community – our students, families and our staff – and getting very excited to see everyone again.  It will be a different start-up this year, but we are prepared to welcome you at Cunningham Elementary School.  Thank you all for your patience as we set up in our new home.

Opening week information was sent out to you in June, but because of our move to Cunningham, a few details have changed, so please refer to the schedule in this letter for the first week of school.


Tuesday, September 6th:

8:30 am                  Buses on site at Carleton ready to transport students to Cunningham **

9:00 am                  All Carleton students in grades 1 – 7 report to the Cunningham gymnasium

                                    Full school assembly – parents are welcome to stay for this

9:30 am                  Students will go with their last year’s teacher to a classroom for attendance and to receive their opening day packages.

10:00 am               students return to the gymnasium for pick-up

                                    Bus Orientation session for families using the bus service

                                    Buses transport students / families back to Carleton Elementary


** Bus Service Information:

Bus service between Carleton and Cunningham will be available starting Tuesday morning.  We anticipate that parents may wish to accompany their children on the first day, so we have arranged for several buses to be ready to transport our community to Cunningham.   Buses will be on site on McKinnon Street by the staff parking lot at Carleton at 8:30.  

Following the morning program, personnel from “First Student”, the bus company that will provide bus transportation, will make a presentation to all families planning to use the bus service.  It is important that you attend this session.   Following the orientation, the buses will take families back to Carleton.


Wednesday, September 7th:

Note:  Bus service is available for morning drop off and after-school return to Cunningham.  There is NO bus service to return Kindergarten students to Carleton at 10:00 on Wednesday or Thursday mornings.

8:30 am                  Buses on site at Carleton ready to transport students to Cunningham

9:00 am                  Students in grades K – 7 report to the gymnasium, where they will be met by their teachers

10:00 am               Kindergarten students are brought back to the gym to be met to go home

3:00 pm                 Buses at Cunningham to return students to Carleton

We will start our regular bus transportation to and from Cunningham on Thursday.   The bus will make 2 trips from Carleton each morning and from Cunningham each afternoon.  The trips will be 20 minutes apart.  The schedule is as follows:

Bus 1                        8:20 am                  leaving Carleton                                    3:10 pm                 leaving Cunningham

Bus 2                        8:40 am                  leaving Carleton                                    3:30 pm                 leaving Cunningham


Please indicate your first choice for your child(ren)’s drop-off and pick-up bus times.   You can do this by return email by completing and submitting the “Bus Service Request Form” attached to this email.  There will be copies available at the bus orientation session on Tuesday, if you prefer to complete it there.  We will do our best to accommodate your first choices, but if there are too many requests for one time, we will determine the list by draw.  We will keep siblings together on the same bus. 


Thursday, September 8th:

8:20 am                  Bus 1 leaves Carleton

8:40 am                  Bus 2 leaves Carleton

9:00 am                  Students report to the gym to be met by their teachers

10:00 am               Kindergarten students are brought back to the gym to be met to go home

3:00 pm                 Students are dismissed

3:10 pm                 Bus 1 leaves Cunningham

3:30 pm                 Bus 2 leaves Cunningham


Friday, September 9th:

8:20 am                  Bus 1 leaves Carleton

8:40 am                  Bus 2 leaves Carleton

9:00 am                  Students report to their classrooms

3:00 pm                 Students are dismissed

3:10 pm                 Bus 1 leaves Cunningham

3:30 pm                 Bus 2 leaves Cunningham


Let me say again how delighted we are to welcome you back to Carleton.  We are going to have an amazing school year!  I look forward to re-connecting with each of you in the days to come.



John Cortens, Principal




Please complete this form if your child(ren) will use the bus transportation between Carleton and Cunningham Schools from September – December 2016.


Child’s Name: ____________________________________            Grade:            ________________________________


Child’s Name: ____________________________________            Grade:            ________________________________


Child’s Name: ____________________________________            Grade:            ________________________________


Please select your preferred time for morning transportation from Carleton to Cunningham:

 8:20 am bus            (be on site by 8:15)

8:40 am bus (be on site by 8:35)


Please select your preferred time for after school transportation from Cunningham to Carleton:

3:10 pm bus            (students board bus right after dismissal)


3:30 pm bus            (students board bus at 3:25)


Parent Name: ____________________________________                        Phone Number:  __________________


Parent email:  ____________________________________________________


Emergency Contact: _______________________________             Phone Number:  __________________



August 29

Please see attached a letter regarding the registration of students of Carleton Elementary School.  It is being sent on behalf of Principal John Cortens.

Important Information – Please Translate
   這是一份重要資訊 — 請找人為您翻譯      Mahalagang Impormasyon - Paki sali sa sariling wika
   这是一份重要信息 — 请找人为您翻译       Información importante - Por favor traducir
   Thông tin quan trọng - Xin phiên dịch

​​Carleton Parents 29 August 2016.docxCarleton Parents 29 August 2016.docx

August 26


Good morning, Parents and Guardians of the Carleton school community,


Last night, senior management staff met with the Board of trustees to update them on the week’s developments at Carleton and to share a proposed plan for the school community the 2016-2017 school year.  

It was decided that the entire Carleton school community will move to Cunningham Elementary School.   The decision to move to Cunningham Elementary enables the Carleton students and families and the staff to stay together in one place as a community.   In addition, this option ensures the safety and well-being of everyone involved.  Although we recognize that there may be a preference for all students and staff to remain onsite at Carleton, it is not possible at this time for several reasons.  


The following are a few important points about the organization for the school year:

Carleton Elementary will still exist as a school with its own administrator, office staff, PAC, etc.  The facility will be shared with Cunningham Elementary but the two communities will not be amalgamated;

At this time, we have no information about the state or possible reopening of Carleton Elementary; this arrangement at Cunningham will likely be for the entire 2016-17 school year.


This is a short message simply to let you know that Carleton has a ‘home’ for September.  There will be much information to share and opportunities to answer your questions as you and your family prepare for the start of school.  

Prior to school opening, we need an accurate list of all students who are planning to attend Carleton at Cunningham.   This will be helpful in organizing classes in the new space at Cunningham.  We would appreciate families confirming registration for their child at Carleton. We will have email and in-person opportunities to do that next week and more information on how to do that.  

Please look for further email communication or check the Carleton school website on Monday for more details on that process.   While we’re excited that the Carleton community will be together if you choose to send your child to their original catchment school or a neighouring school that has space, we will make every effort to accommodate them.

We are thankful for the generosity of the Cunningham Elementary School community for opening their arms to us in this time of need.   We are very excited to see your children and welcome them back to school.  The place may be different, but we are a strong Carleton community that is fortunate to be able to stay together.

I will be in touch again next week.  I would like to thank you in advance for your patience and understanding as we move quickly through this complex process.

All the best,

Mr. J. Cortens


Carleton Elementary School 

August 24
Update for Carleton Parents

All departments at the VSB along with the senior management team are working as quickly as possible to determine the next steps for Carleton's staff, students and families. As soon as possible, information will be forthcoming regarding registration information. Please keep checking the school website for updated information. 

I would like to forward to staff, parents, students all the of offers of support and best wishes that have been flooding in since the events of last week. We will be leaning on our friends, colleagues and community members for support in the coming days. 


Mr. John Cortens 


Carleton Elementary School  

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