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November 07
Important Reminders

Byng School rules re Vaping, etc. 

Reminder to the Lord Byng School parents, guardians and students that vaping, smoking, use of drugs and alcohol, and possession of any weapons is strictly prohibited at the school, on school property and while attending any Byng school event or activity – including all field trips - both locally and internationally. Failure to comply with these rules will result in consequences which may include suspension, or transfer to another educational setting, and will be noted in the student file. Please, also note that the legalization of cannabis has no bearing on the school policies regarding using or being under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Mid-Term, Mid-Year Dropping of courses at Byng

Students must consult their guardian/parent, their counselor, the teacher and the grade-level administrator to obtain signed consent from all concerned, in order to drop a course mid-term at Lord Byng. Additionally, parents and students are reminded that dropping of courses in Term one (after Oct. 8) results in a “W” on the report card and school transcript. Dropping a course during Term two results in a “W” school transcript, and both the date of withdrawal and a “W” on the report card. Finally, the dropping a course during Term three will result in a “W” along with the date of withdrawal and the percentage/mark achieved up to and including the date of withdrawal on the report card. (At this time, it is our understanding that the Ministry of Education does not record course withdrawals on the Final Transcript of Grades from the Ministry of Education.) 

Driving and Parking at Byng

Please use extra caution when driving around our school. Byng students should only be picked-up or dropped off on 16th Avenue or on Wallace. Parents and students are not permitted to drive in or park in the parking lot. Please be considerate of our neighbours and the other people sharing or roads around the school. People picking up or dropping off students should not block the entrance to the parking lot. In fact, we prefer that parents pick-up and drop off students as far from the school as possible, to better reduce congestion and to help keep the streets safe for the students.


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