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June 29
Summer Message from the Principal

Summer Message from the Principal,

I want to thank all the students and parents for your kindnesses and support over the year. It is important that you know how much our staff members appreciate all that you do to support the Byng community. I also want you to know that the administration and the teachers have been working very hard to support our students, and to create and sustain the best possible learning outcomes for all students, now and in the future. Strangely, some students and families think that some AP courses are being cut at Lord Byng, but we’ll be offering all the same Advanced Placement opportunities we offered in 2017. Furthermore, while it’s true that in a small number of instances we have reimagined how enrichment opportunities will continue, most of our advanced, accelerated and enrichment opportunities will also continue in 2018-2019.  If we have had to cut anything, we have also begun planning for new ways to deliver the very best, as always, at Byng. In both enrichment and remediation support for our students we will continue to innovate.
Please, feel free to contact me or our Vice-Principals, Mr. Vulgaris and Mr. Tuerlings, with any concerns. The more we know about our students and their families, the better we can meet student needs. I also believe that the more you know about how and why we do what we do, the healthier and happier our school will be. The Admin Team is in the school in the week after school ends and the week before it begins again in September.
In September, we anticipate there will be more work to help students get the timetables they’ve requested, as counsellors hand timetable to complete students’ schedules. In some cases our counsellors will be helping students make new choices if there are conflicts in student timetables. In general, we will look to complete grade 12 students’ schedules first, as other grades will have opportunities in subsequent years. Schedules that achieve graduation requirements take priority over choice, and there is no accommodation for teacher preference changes.  Additionally, the students who change their course requests over the summer, even those who attended summer  school and want the next level, will only be accommodated once all other student needs are addressed.
We really appreciate your support and understanding. To our Staff, Students and Families I wish you all the most wonderful, relaxing and fulfilling summer ever. See you in September.
Geoff Taylor - Principal
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