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Student Off to UBC to Make Music Thanks to VSB Adult Ed

With a goal of pursuing music, Spencer is currently completing his Adult Diploma – the equivalent of a high school Dogwood diploma – through the Vancouver School Board’s (VSB) program. Service aspires to go to UBC for his post secondary studies, but needs to complete prerequisite courses beforehand.

Service has always had a love for music; beginning first with the guitar in elementary school and transitioning to the saxophone, then trumpet in high school. In grade nine, Service transferred to Magee secondary because of their prestigious music program and , at was there, he realized also had an affinity for teaching trumpet. As a result, Spencer decided to pursue a career in music. After exploring options for musical studies, Spencer realized that VSB’s Adult Ed program was the next step in pursing his dreams.

“I’d heard about VSB’s great teachers and that the Adult Education program offered a different learning environment,” says Service. “In the past, I have had challenges with learning. However being in a classroom environment where all the students are motivated has really encouraged me. It’s turned me into a better student.”

Service praises the flexibility of the VSB Adult Ed program. While pursuing the requirements for musical studies, Service has also been able to work as a sous chef for Kalamata Greek Taverna and still have time to socialize. He appreciates this flexibility and enjoys still having the time to focus on his music and pursue hobbies.

Service has had a good experience at VSB’s Adult Ed and looks forward to continuing his education at UBC in the fall.

He adds, “I may go beyond an undergraduate degree. If I play my cards right, I’ll go for my Master’s as well.” ​