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Student Gains Confidence to Pursue Career through Adult Education Program

Like many students, Janice entered university unsure of what career she would like to pursue. She attended Simon Fraser University, taking general studies courses with the idea that she may eventually complete her degree in Psychology and become a counsellor. In her spare time however, Fung also began to work with autistic children and this opened up her eyes to a career in healthcare. As a result, she decided to apply to BCIT to become an ultrasound or x-ray technician.

To be accepted into BCIT, Janice needed to upgrade some of her courses. She considered Adult Education with the Vancouver School Board (VSB) because the classroom sizes were smaller and she had the option and flexibility to take self-paced courses.

Through taking courses at South Hill Adult Education Centre, Janice found that students were very compassionate and willing to help one another. She also discovered that VSB courses were very collaborative and the Adult Education set up provided an inclusive and safe learning environment for her to explore specific interests.

“I’ve learned to connect with others more,” she says. “The Adult Education instructors are really caring and they are really patient. If I needed any extra support emotionally there is always [a] counsellor, and the vice principal and principal are always there. I find that very helpful and assuring.”

Janice is now waiting to hear from BCIT. She believes a career in healthcare will allow her to connect with many people. She also believes that her experience at the Adult Education program has given her the confidence to succeed in the future.

Janice encourages anyone who is considering taking courses with Adult Education to take the first step and to see what doors open.

“There are lots of opportunities if you take the first step,” she says. “To develop your skills and reach that milestone, it is a big accomplishment.”​