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Student Credits VSB Adult Ed for Opening Doors to Post-Secondary Education

During Clarisse’s final year of high school she knew she wanted to pursue post-secondary education but she felt she had limited options. Clarisse wanted to apply directly to university however her marks would not allow her to qualify for the entrance requirements at most Canadian institutions. As a result, she believed she would need to spend time at college to upgrade her courses and was concerned about the time this would take as well as the cost of college courses.  

“In grade 12 I thought that I had to apply to university straight off the bat and I was really stressed out and kind of worried and nervous, and this affected my marks and study habits,” says Clarisse. “When I found out about Adult Ed, I felt a sense of relief because I didn’t have to go to college first. This took a lot of pressure off my shoulders and my grades are better as a result.”

Clarisse chose to upgrade her courses through Vancouver School Board’s (VSB) Adult Education program in order to qualify for university entrance requirements. She also received assistance from VSB Adult Education’s academic advisors, who guided her through the university entrance and scholarship application processes. As a result, Bosco received early acceptance offers from several Canadian universities.

“I’ve been able to take my courses in nine weeks, instead of what would normally take about four months at a college,” she says. “This has saved me a lot of money.”

Clarisse says taking courses at VSB’s Adult Ed program has also allowed to enjoy her year between high school and postsecondary education. “I’m on my gap year and it’s been a good way to also further my learning as well as grow myself in this year, ” she says.

Clarisse credits VSB Adult Education for making it possible for her to attend university. Because of the flexibility of the courses available, Bosco was able to complete her upgrading while working. This allowed her to enjoy her studies while saving money.

“VSB Adult Education is a very good option to consider, especially if you’ve just graduated from high school and you’re still unsure,” says Bosco. “I’d recommend attending Adult Ed to retake some courses and work with the VSB team to help clearly identify your options and determine your goals.” ​