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Kiwassa Neighbourhood House Youth Program


Kiwassa Neighbourhood House is located at 2425 Oxford Street (at Nanaimo)

Telephone: 604-254-5401 local 231
Administering School:  South Hill Education Centre

Program Description:
  • Kiwassa Education Program operates from 8:45 a.m. – 3:00 p.m., Monday through Thursday from Kiwassa Neighbourhood House. The program is intended for at-risk students who have not succeeded in the regular system due to attendance, work, or family issues. The program offers a variety of individualized, self-paced courses. Students work at their own pace in a supportive environment to complete Grade 11 and 12 academic and elective courses. 

Student Profile:

Kiwassa Education Program is intended for youth, ages 16 (as of July 1st) - 18 years of age who:
  • have not been successful in regular secondary school, and
  • are mature and serious about their education but require a supportive, flexible program.
Students whose educational background requires specialized assistance are not suitable for the program as support services available through the K-12 system are not available.

Academic Goal:

Our goal is to provide students with individualized, self-paced learning in a structured, supportive environment.  Students work towards their high school graduation, and pursue either the 80 credit Dogwood or Adult Dogwood diploma.

Entry and Referral:

Intake for Kiwassa Youth Program takes place in September. Students may phone to make an appointment to meet the instructor, and should bring with them all report cards / transcripts, photo ID and citizenship information. If students have been out of school for a while, they will write a Math and English assessment. Students may also be recommended to our program through academic advisors and K-12 school counsellors.
Students may be admitted during other times of the year with permission from the Principal.

Program Staffing:

Kiwassa is staffed by one full-time teacher and one  full-time instructional assistant.  An academic advisor and an outreach worker are available on an occasional basis to provide additional support.