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Kiwassa Neighbourhood House Youth Program

Kiwassa Neighbourhood House is located at 2425 Oxford Street (at Nanaimo)

Telephone: 604-254-5401 local 231
Administering School:  South Hill Education Centre

Program Description:
Kiwassa Education Program operates from 8:45 a.m. – 3:00 p.m., Monday through Thursday from Kiwassa Neighbourhood House. The program is intended for at-risk students who have not succeeded in the regular system due to attendance, work, lifestyle or family issues. The program offers a variety of individualized, self-paced courses on a semester basis. Students work at their own pace in a supportive environment to complete Grade 11 and 12 academic and elective courses.

Student Profile:

Kiwassa Education Program is primarily for students of ages 17 – 18 (students over 18 may be considered for entrance into the program on an individual basis) who:
  • have not been successful in regular secondary school, and
  • are mature and serious about their education but require a supportive, flexible program.
Students whose educational background requires specialized assistance are not suitable for the program as support services available through the K-12 system are not available to adult education programs.

Academic Goal:

Our goal is to provide students with individualized, self-paced learning in a structured environment with flexible educational support. Students work towards high school graduation either on the regular Dogwood or Adult Dogwood diplomas.

Application Process:

The major intakes for this program occur in September. Students make an appointment to meet with the instructor of the program. When students meet with the instructor, they should bring all report cards / transcripts, photo ID and citizenship information. If students have been out of school for a while, then they are usually required to take a Math and English assessment to determine academic placement.
In some cases when space is available, and where it is educationally appropirate,  students may be admitted on an ongoing basis.

Program Capacity and Staffing:

The Kiwassa Education Program has the capacity for 45 students. It is staffed by one full-time teacher, one  full-time instructional assistant, an academic advisor, and an outreach worker.