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Structured Courses
South Hill offers morning, afternoon, evening, and weekend structured academic and foundations classes.  Courses include grade 10, 11, and 12 academic courses, and foundation math, literacy and humanities courses to help students prepare for upper level academic courses.
Quarter Courses:
The four academic quarters begin in September, November, January/February and April. Each quarter is nine weeks long. 

The summer term begins in July and is five weeks long.

Courses offered in the 9-week quarter and 5-week summer term generally meet 4 to 5 days per week.


Semester Courses:
The two academic semesters begin in September and January/February.  Each semester is 18 weeks long. Semester courses are offered part time and meet once per week on Saturdays, and are suitable for students who are working.
Self-Paced Courses
Self-paced courses are offered in the Adult Learning Centre. They require in-person attendance in our centre, as all tests must be written in one of the Adult Education Centres. These courses do not require daily attendance, so they are suitable for students who require more flexibility. 
For our most current Structured and Self-Paced course schedules - please visit our