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Welcome to Main Street Education Centre


Registration for self-paced courses is ongoing and ends April 17th 2015.. 
Main Street Education Centre Relocation Full Information 
Main Street Education Centre (333 Terminal Avenue)
This location is now closed to students
Adult Education at Gladstone Secondary (4105 Gladstone Street)
Classes are held at this location from September 2014 on
Are you thinking about taking a course in Adult Ed? Main Street offers courses towards high school graduation for Canadian Citizens and Landed Immigrants. We offer courses in grades 10, 11 and 12 as well as Foundations courses that prepare students for the senior levels.

Have you already graduated and are looking to upgrade previous marks or to add to your transcript? There are many courses available to help you qualify for post-secondary programs.

Main Street offers structured and self-paced courses, and can therefore accommodate almost any schedule. Self-paced courses may be paper-based or accessed via Moodle. A face to face component is required. 

Please give us a call or drop by our centre during office hours.

If you are a new student planning to register, please bring  picture identification, proof of citizenship/landed immigrant status/refugee documentation and any previous transcripts if possible.

Code of Conduct