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Academic Advisor Proud of how VSB Environment Facilitates Student Success


Academic advisor, Lindy Liu, has been working with Vancouver School Board’s (VSB) Adult Education program for 11 years. Liu came to VSB’s Adult Ed program first as an employee on call and then transitioned to an academic advisor after one year. She has also served as acting principal during her time at VSB, and throughout the years witnessed hundreds of students pursue their education through the Adult Education program.

“As an academic advisor, my role is to help students plan for their courses,” says Liu. “I look at their future goals and whether they are planning to go to a college, or applying to a university, or simply going to work, and I help them plan for the academic courses that they need to reach their goals.”

Part of ensuring student success is ensuring they have access to the services they need and also a flexible course schedule. Liu works Monday through Friday during the day time, however she also works one night shift per week to ensure students can meet with her when it is convenient for them. “Sometimes students work and they can’t always come to talk to us in the daytime, which is why I make myself available to them in the evening,” she adds.

According to Liu, one of the defining features of VSB’s Adult Ed program is the variety of course options available. Students can take daytime or evening classes, Saturday classes, condensed courses and also self-paced courses. This ensures there are options available to meet every student’s individual needs.

“We have students coming from all over the world and they come with different purposes and different backgrounds,” say Liu. “Many of them work and have family commitments. We are proud of the flexibility that many of our programs offer.”

In addition to flexibility, the supportive VSB environment also helps ensure student success. “The most rewarding part of my job is seeing my students succeed, “says Liu. “And I don’t limit success to just graduation. Quite often it is when a student comes to me and shares that they exceeded their own expectations with a grade or by passing a difficult course. Those moments are the ones I find most rewarding.”