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Fine Arts Program


General Information

T​he Fine Arts Program emphasizes the Arts to develop student skill in collaboration, problem-solving, divergent and critical thinking. The components of this program include:

  • teachers platoon and exchange their classes – children receive at least 80 min. per week with a specialist in Drama, Music, Dance and Visual Arts

  • project-based learning

  • formal and informal sharing performances occurs periodically throughout the year

  • varied art forms that allow for personalized learning and student engagement

  • childrens’ ideas are the catalysts in the creation of the various performances

  • Core Curriculum is covered and frequently infused with the arts; when learning through the arts makes sense, it is integrated into the core subjects as well (eg. Social Studies/ Science/Language Arts –famous canadians, the watercycle ; Readers’ Theatre performance based on the Solar System; Scenes about Endangered Species; Commercials about invented foods (which is about advertising and media awareness)

  • infusing the arts into most subjects

  • opportunities for extracurricular athletic teams (Please note: team offerings vary from year to year depending on the volunteer coaches available


  • students explore the process of Drama in class; playbuilding leads to performances (formal and informal) throughout the year

  • children learn about multiple perspectives in role drama



Visual Arts

  • students explore the visual arts such as: drawing, painting, printmaking, claymation, movie making, and are introduced to classic and contemporary artists and their works

  • ART CRAWL in conjunction with the Classic Program, to celebrate the visual arts 


  • receive 80 – 100 minutes of music per week

  • includes both vocal and instrumental instruction (percussion, Orff, recorder, ukulele, djembe, and guitar) as well as music appriciation, composition and theory.

  • extracurricular participation in Choir and Recorder Ensembles

  • students have opportunities to participate at the Vancouver Choral Festival and at the Recorder/ Ukelele Festival

  • Gr. 6 and 7 students have the opportunity to take Band



  • concepts of body awareness and spatial awareness are integrated throughout each class in the form of movement, discussion and reflection

  • different cultures are explored through dance forms such as Bhangra, Jazz, Jive, Salsa, African, and Contemporary

  • use of movement and expression to further explore the value of open-mindedness, patience, acceptance, teamwork, and discipline